Fire Hydrant Meters

Fire Hydrant Meters (FH Meters)

Fire hydrant meters are available when a temporary water connection to a hydrant is necessary.

Please note: a fire hydrant application must be submitted when requesting a new and/or exchanging an existing meter. Failure to submit the appropriate applications in the time requested will likely delay your request.

If you have any new water equipment (water vessel such as water tanks, water trucks, etc.) an appointment for a physical inspection is required at WaterOne's Administrative Office. You will need to email us or call 913-895-1815 to schedule appointment.

If you have existing water equipment that has been previously inspected by WaterOne you will need to send current photos for the current year. We will need photos of the following:

  • Photo of someone measuring the inside diameter of the fill pipe
  • Photo of someone measuring the end of the fill pipe to the opening of the water vessel
  • Overview photo of the truck or trailer where the company ID is visible
  • Photo of the license plate

Once we have approved the photos, you may then apply for a fire hydrant meter. Any deposits you have with WaterOne will be returned minus any billed usage. You can return the old meter(s) when coming to pick new meters. Before coming to WaterOne to pick up the FH Meter, you will need to pay the deposit. You must wait to get an electronic permit from WaterOne before picking up the new FH Meter.

You may return the FH Meters with the wrench prior to picking up a new FH Meter.

Terms of Use

  • Fire hydrant meters are approved for use on WaterOne hydrants only. WaterOne hydrants are painted yellow with a black bonnet. Private hydrants within WaterOne service area (painted red) may be used only with the owner's permission. Using a WaterOne fire hydrant meter outside of WaterOne's service area is considered theft and may be prosecuted by the affected water purveyor. Dual charges may also apply
  • The meter reading must be reported to WaterOne by the 20th day of the month. All numbers must be read from left to right, including the fixed zeros. Failure to submit monthly meter readings will result in a $100 fine
  • All accounts will receive a monthly water bill consisting of a monthly service charge, a charge for the volume or estimated volume of water used and any fines or penalties that have been assessed against the account
  • The meter and materials must be returned on or before March 31st of the following rental year or by the designated expiration date, whichever occurs first. For example, a hydrant meter rented in June of 2016 must be returned by March 31, 2017. Hydrant meters with built in Reduced Pressure Assemblies must be returned within two weeks
  • The amount of the deposit will be refunded only after the meter and materials have been returned to WaterOne in good condition and the account has been paid in full. If the meter is damaged, only a partial refund may be possible
  • All fire hydrant meters must have approved cross connection control in place
  • Application for temporary water service will not be approved if, in the opinion of WaterOne, the purpose of the application can be accomplished through a permanent connection to the water system
  • Billing for the fire hydrant meter will begin approximately 24 hours after a reservation has been made. Reserved fire hydrant meters must be picked up within 5 business days of the reservation. WaterOne reserves the right to cancel the reservation if it has not been picked up within the 5 day window

Operating Instructions

  • Flow water until clear before attaching the meter to the fire hydrant
  • The fire hydrant must always be opened and closed slowly. Failure to do so could result in a main break
  • When in use, the fire hydrant must be in the fully open position
  • A valve on the meter must be used to control the volume flow of water. The valve should be in the closed position before opening the fire hydrant
  • Only WaterOne fire hydrant wrenches may be used to operate the fire hydrant
  • When not in use, the fire hydrant must be left in the closed position with all nozzle caps in place. Hoses, meters and any other apparatus must never be left on the fire hydrant when not in use
  • Any apparent damage or malfunction of a fire hydrant must be reported immediately to WaterOne at 913-895-1800
  • Repairs made to a fire hydrant will be performed by WaterOne personnel only
  • In cold weather the fire hydrant, meter, and all issued materials must be protected from freezing
  • WaterOne, police, and fire districts reserve the right to interrupt use of a fire hydrant at any time

Hydrant Meter Forms