Home & Building Cleanup

If water enters your home or workplace, we may arrange for an initial clean-up as a courtesy. Clean-up services will be done promptly to minimize potential damage. If you retain clean-up services of your own, be advised that WaterOne will only reimburse you for reasonable and customary expenses.

If a damage claim is still necessary following a courtesy clean-up, notify your homeowners or property insurance to report any potential damage.

Please be aware that cleanup services are offered as a courtesy to WaterOne customers, and may not apply in all situations. Water main breaks are not an act of negligence, and therefore WaterOne is not responsible for any damage mitigation. Internal plumbing, irrigation systems, and the service line are the responsibility of the customer.

To arrange for courtesy clean-up service following a main break, or for questions about insurance or damage claims, contact WaterOne's insurance coordinator at 913-895-5520 during regular business hours or 913-895-1800 after hours.