Request A Locate

To ensure you don't hit a water line when you're digging, request a WaterOne locate.

A WaterOne service person will evaluate your request and issue an "all clear," or do a site visit to locate and mark WaterOne infrastructure in your excavation area.

All emergency locates must be called in at 913-895-1806.

Locate App Screen Opens in new windowHow to Navigate the New Request System

Making a Locate Request

WaterOne's new Locate Request System is an easy-to-use tool to send and manage your locate requests.

Tips on Requesting a Locate

  • Normal locate requests are made at least two full days prior to excavation, not including the day the request was submitted
  • Requests received after 3:30 pm will be processed the following business day
  • Holiday closures may affect service availability. Please contact WaterOne for more information
  • WaterOne staff are available to meet the customer during the locate if requested. Please include details about locate meetups in the description field of your locate request
  • The locate services are as accurate as the information you provide. Ensure your account information is up to date, and please provide detailed, accurate, and complete information on each locate request

Need Help?

For assistance with your locate request, email WaterOne's Locate Department or call 913-895-1806.

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