Exterior Restoration

After a main break, getting your yard, pavement, and landscaping back to normal is a priority for us. If a main break or other WaterOne activity has damaged landscaping beyond the public right-of-way (i.e. shrubs, plants, mulch, sod, sprinkler systems), please notify WaterOne's Restoration Coordinator

The public right-of-way is generally the area from the back of the curb to a parallel distance approximately 11 feet back. This distance may vary depending on the configuration of the right-of-way by the local jurisdiction.

WaterOne is not responsible for damage to landscaping or any items within the public right-of-way, including plants, sprinklers, fences and buried pet fences. However, as part of our commitment to excellence, we do work with property owners to restore the area within reason. Restoration work is completed by WaterOne’s 3rd party contractor. The restoration contractor will water the restored landscape as needed for 14 days after restoration, after which it will once again become the responsibility of the property owner.

Please note: Due to the large size of our service area, WaterOne responds to hundreds of main breaks each year. Restoration is scheduled in the order that main breaks occur. WaterOne will schedule repairs as soon as possible, which may be subject to weather and crew availability.

If we’ve recently repaired a main break but you are concerned the issue is not resolved, please contact WaterOne Customer Care and let us know.

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