New Service Connections & Commercial Projects

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Commercial Property

WaterOne must review plans for all commercial construction projects where the internal plumbing is affected. After the first set of City review comments are addressed, submit the project plans and the appropriate Permit Application to WaterOne. 

Pay your New Service Permit fee.

Residential Property

Permits are time sensitive. Please only submit an application when ready to purchase and install the service connection.

View Standards and Specifications or Installation Drawings.

Pay your New Service Permit fee.

Establishing Your Permit

WaterOne may refuse to issue a new service permit wherever the existing distribution system capacity is inadequate to serve the applicant's premises without potentially creating or intensifying conditions which adversely affect the safety or heath of the applicant or other existing customers.

The adequacy of the existing distribution system to serve new customers shall be determined by testing and/or by engineering analysis. The engineering analysis/testing will be based on the maximum flow capacity of the proposed meter.

If the procedure confirms that 30 pounds per square inch (psi) or greater can be sustained under maximum-hour system conditions at the new point of connection and at all points of the distribution system affected by the new connection, a new service permit will be issued. If the procedure confirms that the 30 psi minimum pressure cannot be sustained, a new service permit will not be issued without developer-paid improvements to the distribution system.