Rates & Charges

Our business model is simple: charge rates that cover the cost of service. WaterOne is not a tax-supported utility. As a non-profit, public utility, rates and fees are used to cover the cost of operations and infrastructure. WaterOne sets its rates based on a cost of service analysis. The rates for the WaterOne service area are approved annually by the WaterOne Board after an extensive review of the costs underlying any rate proposal.

There are two components to WaterOne's rates:

  • A consumption charge per 1,000 gallons
  • A service charge to cover certain fixed costs

We're proud that our customers enjoy some of the lowest water rates in the area. See how our rates compare.

If you have questions about rates or service charges, contact Customer Service at 913-895-1800.

Water Rates

Consumption Charges

Effective January 1, 2023:

  • Block 1: $4.59 per 1,000 gallons
  • Block 2: $6.89 per 1,000 gallons

Block 1 rate is applied to usage up to and including 125% of the average winter consumption (AWC) used for billing. Block 2 rate is applied to all usage in excess of 125% of the AWC used for billing.

Average Winter Consumption (AWC) is your average daily usage based on meter readings taken January through April. Because there is very little, if any, outdoor water usage we use data from this period to establish base water usage (Block 1) from high volume water usage (Block 2).

Your AWC is recalculated each year between January and April and takes effect starting with the May bill. We give you the benefit of whichever figure is more favorable to you, the customer:

  • Your actual AWC
  • The average AWCs within your customer class based on a 5-year rolling average (Single-family, regardless of meter size; Multi-family and Commercial, same meter size)

Peak Management Rates (PMR) (Block 1 & 2)

A major impact on the cost of service is peak usage. "Peak usage" means the largest amount of water the system is asked to provide all at once. Much like Interstate 35 is built to accommodate rush hour traffic, WaterOne's system is built to satisfy peak demand during the summer.

During a normal summer, water use can more than double due to outdoor watering. Under PMR, those customers who create peak demands because of their higher summer usage pay a higher rate on the additional water volume.

See how you can improve peak demand, potentially affecting future rates in a positive way by reducing wear-and-tear on the water system.

Service Charges

The service charge is based on meter size; water consumption is not a factor. Service charges pay for meter reading and billing, maintenance and replacement of meters and other components of the customer service installation, water reserved for fire suppression, and maintenance of fire hydrants and other related infrastructure.

  • Meter reading and billing: Includes meter readers' salaries, transportation and equipment, forms, office processing staff, reports, postage and supplies
  • Meter maintenance and replacement: Includes the meter, meter setter and pit, and generally the service line from the main to the customer's property line. Learn about the homeowner's responsibility
  • Distribution mains maintenance and replacement: This is the ready-to-serve component of distribution main costs
  • Fire protection: Includes maintenance of WaterOne's thousands of fire hydrants, as well as larger-sized pumps, reservoirs and water mains to ensure that capacity for fire protection is available in addition to the capacity needed for regular water use demands

2023 Service Charges

Meter SizeSingle Family Residential (2 Months)Multi-Family
Small Commercial
Large Commercial
(1 Month)
5/8 inch$26.10$16.20
3/4 inch$34.30$20.30
1 inch$51.00$28.70
1 1/2 inches$94.60$50.50
2 inches$141.60$74.00
3 inches$342.20$174.10
4 inches$537.70$272.00
6 inchesN/A$576.00

  • Temporary Commercial (1 Month): $99.80 regardless of meter size