Bond Ratings

WaterOne has among the highest ratings awarded to a public water utility.

Rating SourceRating
Moody's Investors ServiceAAA
Standard and Poor's CorporationAAA

WaterOne's financial condition continues to be sound, with a stable customer base, good management, and appropriate invest in infrastructure. Proactive financial management and planning help us meet challenges and ensure we have the resources available to continue to fulfill our mission into the future: to provide a safe, reliable, high-quality water supply with superior service and value.

Why Do We Bond?

To "issue bonds" means we issue debt in order to finance capital (infrastructure) projects. WaterOne typically uses a combination of cash and bonds to pay for infrastructure improvements. Why? It's a good way to achieve inter-generational equity. Given the long life of our infrastructure, spreading payments into the future more fairly matches the use of the infrastructure with the ratepayers benefiting from the improvement.