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Imagine the crisp aroma that hangs in the air during a thunderstorm. That's ozone you're smelling!

Ozone, a powerful oxidant, is a safe, effective, and natural method for treating water. Ozone is now the primary means of disinfection for water produced at WaterOne's Hansen Treatment Plant.

What Is Ozone?

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Ozone forms naturally when electricity causes oxygen molecules to bond together as O3. As an oxidant, ozone is highly effective at destroying viruses, bacteria, and pharmaceuticals, as well as breaking down taste and odor compounds in our source waters. Learn more about our treatment process.

Why Did We Upgrade?

The health and safety of our customers is our top priority. Ozone is one of the strongest treatment methods available, which will allow us to proactively meet or exceed future drinking water regulations. Ozone is also a more efficient treatment method, allowing WaterOne to run its treatment plants more cost-effectively.

The ozone treatment facilities project was first planned in 2013, and funding was secured through a competitive bond sale in October 2017. The project bid was awarded to Garney Construction at a cost of $35.8 million, and ground was broken in December 2017. Construction was completed in summer 2020.

How It Works

This graphic shows how ozone is used in WaterOne's water treatment process at Hansen Treatment Plant.

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