Your Water

Thirsty? Tap water gives you the biggest bang for your buck.Did you know? Two gallons of delicious WaterOne cost a penny.... A penny!

Commitment to Excellence

It's true: WaterOne is a leader among public water suppliers. Among our many honors, WaterOne is a Platinum Award winner for excellence in utility management, awarded by the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies.

WaterOne customers enjoy some of the lowest rates for water service in the area. Our rates average almost 20% less than neighboring water utilities. And we have the customer satisfaction to back it up.

We're proud to carry an average overall customer satisfaction score above 90%. Our customers consistently give us high marks for water quality, reliability, customer service, and the responsiveness of our friendly, professional staff.

Developers recently ranked WaterOne as one of the best utilities to work with. Why? Because we're accessible and offer stable rates.

Reliable access to clean water is essential for a community's prosperity today and into the future. With ample water supply, entrepreneurs can move forward on projects that promote the growth of the local economy which makes good business for everyone. A good public water supply from a trustworthy water utility provides a valuable community benefit.

Tap vs. Bottled

It comes down to quality, value, and being a friend to the environment. While you pay several dollars or more for a plastic bottle, our delicious tap water costs less than a half penny per gallon. Our water is tested by our accredited lab over 120,000 times a year and is closely regulated by state and federal authorities. Tap water is also local - locally sourced, locally purified, and delivered straight to your tap. In fact, it's the Best Tasting Water in Kansas.

WaterOne is strictly regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. We monitor for over 100 regulated and unregulated contaminants, quality testing over 18,000 samples.

We're required to publish information on our water quality. Bottled water companies are not.

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