Attend a Board Meeting

As an independent, non-profit water utility founded by customers and for customers, we welcome your insight and questions. Our organization is guided by a Governing Board, which is selected at-large from our service area in local, public elections. They encourage your participation as a customer or interested party, especially as it relates to helping us achieve our vision of striving for excellence.

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Attend a Meeting

Regular Board Meetings

Byron N. Johnson Administrative Headquarters and Service Center
10747 Renner Boulevard
Lenexa, Kansas 66219

Regular Board meetings occur on the second Tuesday of every month at 7 pm. Visiting attendees are welcome to speak during "Requests, Comments, and Petitions By The Public" which is the third item on the agenda.

Regular Board meetings are held exclusively in-person at WaterOne's Administrative Offices. WaterOne is committed to the safety of its visitors and employees. Those attending Board meetings in-person are asked to follow WaterOne COVID-19 safety protocols, including social distancing and indoor mask requirements.

Public Hearings

When required by law or procedure, WaterOne holds a formal, publicized public hearing to seek input on the designated topic. These can be stand-alone meeting or incorporated during the night of a regular Board meeting. The published notice will provide full detail, when they occur.

A sign-up sheet will be made available for anyone wishing to address the Board and will be called in order as signed in. Unless the Board Chair states otherwise, each person will be allowed five minutes to speak. You may address the Board again after everyone has had a chance to speak, and if time allows.

Committee Meetings

To assist the decision-making of the Governing Board, WaterOne follows a committee process to channel most action items to Board. Think of it as a proving ground for many policies, authorizations, projects, etc.

Each appointed committee is made up of a smaller (non-quorum) contingent of board members. At the meeting, staff and consultants present scheduled agenda items. Committee members may discuss, comment on, and/or determine whether to pass the item along to the Board for official action.

Unless the Committee Chair deems appropriate, no comments from the public will be accepted. If you would like to ask to speak, contact the Board Secretary before the start of the meeting.

Addressing the Board

There are a number of opportunities to share your feedback with the Board. Let's walk through them and what to expect.

If you'd like to speak, you must be present when the Board Chair opens the public forum. Meetings convene no earlier than 7 pm. Wait to be recognized before you approach the podium. If you have documents to share with the Board, please give them to the Board Secretary.

When recognized, introduce yourself and state your address. Please keep your comments focused and limited to five minutes or less. The Board Chair may need to limit speaking time due to time constraints.

What to Expect

As a valued stakeholder, your comments will be given respectful attention. Board members may ask questions to clarify your statements, but will generally refrain from further discussion. It is not an appropriate venue for extensive discussion or debate on matters just brought to their attention.

Why? The purpose of Board meetings are for the Board to discuss and take action on business items. By law, public meetings are the only place and time they are allowed to make binding policy and business decisions.

Public Forum Etiquette

Please keep the following in mind when addressing the board:

  • Refrain from making degrading or defamatory comments about any person, business, or organization.
  • Anyone who abuses the opportunity to address the Board will be directed to stop their presentation and leave the podium. Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated, and security may escort disruptive individuals out of the meeting if necessary.

Follow up

The Board will take your comments under advisement. In certain situations, a district employee may be directed to get in touch with you to resolve your issue or get additional information.

Other Ways to Contact The Board

Board members do not have offices at WaterOne. Call the Board Secretary at 913-895-5500 to convey your message or send an email to the board.

Mail received by WaterOne is routinely delivered to the respective Board member. Write to a Board member at the following address:
(Name of Board Member)
c/o WaterOne
10747 Renner Boulevard
Lenexa, KS 66219