Design Standards

The following are design standards for water main installations, for planning purposes only.  WaterOne Engineering Staff oversee the design of all water mains. Any decisions to deviate from these standards are made solely by WaterOne Engineering Staff on a case-by-case basis. This is not an exhaustive list - please contact WaterOne with specific questions.

  • Main Extensions must front the petitioner’s property on all sides that are adjacent to the right-of-way
  • Main Extension site readiness criteria must be met before scheduling construction
  • Buried depth of 3.5 ft to top of pipe, with the exception of short deviations for storm and sanitary
  • Any grading over existing water mains must be approved by WaterOne staff
  • Main extensions are installed in a WaterOne easement. Please see our Easements page for more information
  • Zone of non-interference as described in the easement language
  • Water main to front all sides of property that are adjacent to the right-of-way
  • Water main installation restrictions:
    • No main will be installed under parking stalls
    • 2 ft of vertical separation when crossing perpendicularly to sanitary sewer or laterals
    • 10 ft separation from parallel sanitary sewer installation, sanitary man holes, and clean outs
    • 15 ft separation from any building or structure
    • 25 ft separation from lateral field
  • No structures, large signs, berms, grading, or large trees in WaterOne easements
  • Any grading or structures requiring WaterOne to relocate facilities will be paid for by the landowner
  • WaterOne easements must remain accessible

WaterOne staff will be happy to discuss potential designs and concerns with petitioners and consultants, but WaterOne remains the sole designer of water mains once all items are submitted.