Service Interruptions

Why Is My Water out?

From time to time, WaterOne crews may be working in your area, flushing hydrants or repairing pipe due to a water main break, or we may be installing a new water pipe. It's also possible that service may be briefly interrupted if we're working on your meter.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your understanding for this occasional but necessary disruption. As a part of our commitment to excellence, our crews' target window is to make repairs and have the water restored within four hours.

Get notified: If you're signed up for NotifyJoCo, we'll try to give you a phone call, text, or email before we take the water down.

Although this may not always be possible in emergencies, we do our best to communicate with our customers. Out of courtesy, we do not disturb customers with notifications late at night or in the wee hours of the morning.

When water is restored: When water comes back on, you may want to run your faucets for a minute to flush any minerals that have gathered in your plumbing system. Run cold water in the highest and farthest bathroom from the water's entry point into your home. Run cold water only. Minerals could potentially be pulled into your hot water tank if the lines are not clear when your tank refills. This water is safe to drink, but may be aesthetically unpleasant, affecting appearance, smell and/or taste.

If individual faucets have low pressure, the same minerals from your plumbing system might be clogging the screens and will need to be cleaned. If the entire house has low pressure, the Pressure Reducing Valve for your house may have to be adjusted. Visit our Water Pressure page for more information.


Call WaterOne's 24-hour contact at 913-895-1800.