Cloudy / Discolored Water

Why Is My Water Discolored?

Discoloration is usually rust from aging pipes. It is not harmful, but is aesthetically unpleasant. Home plumbing can cause discoloration of the water, especially if discoloration continues for a period of time.

Discoloration may also be caused by disturbances in the water line. If water crews have recently been working in your area or shut off service, (when water is restored) you may notice a reddish, rusty tinge. Let the water run for a minute and the discoloration should pass.

If your water comes out cloudy, the discoloration may be caused by microscopic air bubbles trapped by cold temperatures. The water is safe to drink and will clear if you let the water stand for a minute or so.

Cloudy Water

Cloudiness is usually caused by tiny air bubbles trapped in tap water. During winter, water can appear cloudier than normal because cold water becomes more air soluble. During cold weather conditions, water pressure may increase, or the temperature of the water may decrease, both of which permits water to hold more air and can give it a cloudy appearance. The water will usually release its trapped air and become more clear after sitting in an open container for several minutes.


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