Is it possible that a main break will happen again?

All underground infrastructure is naturally subject to stress due to shifting soils or other factors, and WaterOne does not have control over unforeseen damage throughout our system. Although WaterOne applies significant efforts and resources to proactively maintain the water system, there is always a possibility that additional repairs may be needed down the road. 

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1. WaterOne made repairs on my property and disturbed my property (landscaping, pavement, etc.) Will WaterOne repair it?
2. Who will perform the restoration?
3. I think my irrigation system was damaged by the repairs, or I have irrigation hoses sticking out of the ground. Will that be repaired?
4. What timeline can I expect for repairs?
5. How does the process typically work?
6. The area around my meter pit is settling, causing a lowered spot in my yard. What is this and how do I get it fixed?
7. Is it possible that a main break will happen again?
8. What is the public Right of Way and the Public Utility Easement?