What timeline can I expect for repairs?

Repairs can be subject to external factors, such as weather (both seasonal weather and day-to-day forecasts), crew availability, and coordination with your city of residence. These factors may affect the time it takes for WaterOne to restore your property, but it’s our priority to get complete restorations properly as soon as we can. Here’s more information on how weather can impact restoration:

  • Concrete: Concrete work is generally dependent on day-to-day weather constraints like rain, snow and temperature. This portion of the work must be completed before any asphalt or landscaping work takes place.
  • Asphalt: Minimum temperatures are required in order to complete asphalt work. These can vary depending on other conditions, but temperatures of at least 50 ° F is recommended when laying asphalt.
  • Landscape: Season and weather are the biggest factors for successfully establishing restored landscape. Cities in our service area have different seasonal requirements for when WaterOne is allowed to restore landscaping. WaterOne is allowed to lay seed or sod in most cities from March 1st through June 1st, and September 1st through November 1st. Throughout the winter, WaterOne can restore with dormant seed from November through February. Day-to-day weather forecasts also impact when landscape restoration can be scheduled. To establish new seed or sod, WaterOne’s contractors will water as needed for 14 days after restoration. After this, it will once again become the responsibility of the property owner.

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