Why is WaterOne doing this project?

The driver of this project is to keep up with customer expectations about access to their consumption data and communication about their usage. We also want to operate more efficiently and have more opportunities to serve our customers better. WaterOne is taking this opportunity to invest in advanced meter reading for all customers so that our infrastructure stays current and we provide all customers with the same level of service.

Most residential WaterOne customers are still on "walk-by" meter readings. A WaterOne meter reader walks by customers' meters and collects the meter reading by touching a handheld device to the meter pit lid. All commercial and industrial WaterOne customers are read by remote meter reading technology and the reading devices that support that kind of meter reading are reaching the end of their useful life. This opportunity is driving the timing of this project.

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1. What is AMI?
2. What do I need to do?
3. What does this project entail?
4. When will the project occur?
5. How will this project affect me, the customer?
6. Why is WaterOne doing this project?
7. Who will be installing the project?
8. Where will the technology be deployed?
9. How will I be affected by this project?
10. Will my bill go up because of AMI?
11. What time of day will crews come? Will they work holidays and weekends?
12. How will WaterOne control and regulate private contractors that are paid to do the installation?
13. If my property is damaged during AMI installation, who covers the cost of the damages?
14. What is WaterOne’s policy regarding privacy and data gathered from the metering system?
15. Will WaterOne be able to control my consumption like the electric company’s smart thermostats?
16. Should I be worried about privacy concerns?
17. How will the project impact WaterOne personnel?
18. Are there negative health effects as a result of remote metering systems?
19. Can I opt out of this upgrade?
20. Who do I contact for more info?