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To assist the decision-making of the Governing Board, WaterOne follows a committee process to channel most action items to Board. Think of it as a proving ground for many policies, authorizations, projects, etc. 

Each appointed committee is made up of a smaller (non-quorum) contingent of board members. At the meeting, staff and consultants present items. Committee members may discuss, comment on, and/or determine whether to pass the item along to the Board for official action.

Occasionally, the Board will meet in a Committee of the Whole, typically a work session where no official action can be taken.

All Board and committee meetings are open public meetings. The community is welcome and encouraged to attend. View the Board Calendar to find upcoming Board and committee meetings. Learn more about the Kansas Open Meetings Act.



Brenda Cherpitel*
Bob Reese
Dennis Wilson


Terry Frederick*
Bob Reese
Mark Parkins

Government & Community Relations

Dennis Wilson*
Jim Vader
Mark Parkins


Jim Vader*
Terry Frederick
Brenda Cherpitel


Bob Reese*
Terry Frederick
Robert Olson
Appointed staff representatives

*Committee Chair