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RFP NumberTitleStartingClosingStatus
MP-16013Hansen Facility Control System - Phase I08/27/201609/22/2016 4:30 PMClosed
OM-16159Demolition of 159th St Facilities08/27/201609/22/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AF-12402.100 (4380-3652)Upfitment of a 2017 Ford F-35007/25/201608/05/2016 2:00 PMClosed
TD-16036Leak Detection Services and Leak Monitoring Equipment07/11/201607/25/2016 12:00 PMClosed
AC-16009Crouthers Pump Station Roof Replacement05/28/201606/22/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AC-16037Hansen Window Replacement05/28/201606/23/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AC-16043Hansen Plant Paving Refurbishment05/28/201606/23/2016 4:30 PMClosed
MP-15008Hansen WTP General Improvements: Facility 1 & 204/30/201606/01/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AF-16064.100(7772)Komatsu Track Excavators04/25/201605/04/2016 12:00 PMClosed
AC-16005 et al.Replacements and Improvements - Pumps, Instruments etc.04/23/201605/19/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AF-16064.100 (7772-7773)Hydraulic Breaker for Track Excavator03/18/201603/25/2016 4:00 PMClosed
MP-15000Missouri River Facilities - Electrical and HVAC Improvements02/27/201603/29/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AC-16008Cycle - Route Optimization01/15/201602/12/2016Closed
IT- 15002GPS/GIS Redesign11/16/201501/22/2016 4:00 PMClosed
AF-14501.100(4709/5130)Aluminum Dump Bed for F550 - Supply and Install09/02/201509/15/2015Closed
AF-14414.100(4400/4708)Carbon Steel Dump Bed for F550 - Supply and Install09/01/201509/14/2015Closed
AC-15043Facility 2 Carbon Modifications07/25/201508/20/2015Closed